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ConferenceArticles website is an open-access repository with a smart search tool, aimed to boost the scientific research and visibility of high-quality conference materials.

Why are the conference articles important?

Conference proceedings are the outputs of the professional scientific meetings that focus on presenting the up-to-date research and progress in a certain field/topic. Embodying many of them in the proceedings, the conference articles are most likely to present studies that go into depth in the topic and mostly highlight the preliminary solutions shaping the future studies within the field.

What makes ConferenceArticles portal different?

The aim of the website is to make the unpublished conference articles and proceedings visible online. Maintaining a search engine friendly metadata in the website, the mission is to increase the visibility of the high-quality conference articles. Further details can be found in the About Us page.

How do I use the advanced search?

The main feature of the ConferenceArticles portal is the smart search tool that returns results for the proceedings and the conference articles. Website users can easily switch between the simple and advanced search options, the  results of which can be filtered in the “Articles Results” and “Conference Results” tabs. 

How do I access the full text of a conference paper?

ConferenceArticles portal offers full access to open-access conference articles without subscription. The detail page of each conference article is given with access to the full text (as pdf file) as taken from the original conference proceedings.

How to add your conference article in our portal?

Publishers are welcome to submit their proceedings content in ConferenceArticles portal, without any fee requested. We pay attention in the proceedings webpage to highlight full details regarding the organizational background behing the scientific meeting of any type (Congress, Conference, Convention, Symposium, Seminar, Workshop, Meeting, Roundtable or Webinar). Further details can be found in the Submit Your Proceedings page.

Which disciplines do ConferenceArticles consider?

The portal covers a broad field of multidisciplinary subjects, including: Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Humanities and Arts, Medical and Health Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences.

Which publication types are considered?

Publication types are accepted for the “Book of Proceedings”, “Book of Abstract” and “Book of Abstract (Extended)”.

Are the conference articles visible to search engines?

The main effort within the portal is put on the indexing criteria strictly defined by the well known scholarly search engines (e.g. Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic). Each of the conference articles are given with full details of the meta-tags uniquely defined for the scholarly content (info for webmasters).


Submit Your Proceedings

You can submit all your questions, opinions, suggestions and complaints using the contact form